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Ein Auszug von 1968 bis heute vun unseren PKW`s

These pictures of the BMW 2002 Alpina are examples of what my car looked like after the conversion.

             With new tail lights from the BMW Alpina                             

                                   After conversion with widening and oil cooler and twin headlights
With filter

The engine was rebuilt by Dressendörfer, now called Dressendörfer GmbH & Co KG.

After the rebuild other tail lights and double headlights, cylinder head completely reworked with 316º Schrick camshaft and other valves, the pistons milled by Mahle surface trough because otherwise the valves hit. Reinforced 316º crankshaft, 45 Weber twin carburettors.  
Engine: 1990cc, Schrick crankshaft, ground and gas nitrated, pistons from tii with valve pockets, oil pan rebuilt with baffles, oil pump modified. Camshaft: 316/304° Cylinder head and mixture preparation: Valves: 8 with 46/38mm, Dbilas, 2 Weber double carburettors DCOE 45, flow favourable machined intake and exhaust ducts, intake manifolds optimally adapted, open intake funnels, Mocal oil cooler, Exhaust: JC 51 sports exhaust system made of stainless steel, 100 cell racing catalytic converter, 4-2-1 fan manifold. Gearbox: Getrag 5-speed Sport. Differential: 4:1 with 40% lock.  
Ford Focus Turnier MK 3 year of construction 2011 - 2017
Peugeot 107 2012 - 2019

Ford Sierra Turnier 1987 - 1990  
Ford Sierra Turnier 1982 -1986  
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