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BP petrol pump and filling station in the 70.gern

Fendel Stinnes AG
Oct. 1969 until Oct. 1981 then retired due to a serious accident.
TMS Kuppelverband Rheintank 24
Picture No. 1 our Moses from Korbach, Picture 3 and 4 yours truly the Wolf Picture 5 Overtaking a freighter on the way to Europorthafen to the BP Raffenerie.

From Nov. 1981 - Jan. 1987 at the company Wiese Verladetechnik, then the company unfortunately went bankrupt.
From Aug. 1987 to Nov. 1999 at the company Schwelm Verladetechnik, unfortunately retired due to an accident at work. From Nov. 1999 Bu. From 2001 disability pension and from 2004 full pension due to cancer.

Worldwide deliveries

Although not located on the water, the small town of Schwelm in North Rhine-Westphalia is an ideal location for SVT. The good transport links mean short travel times; and the European seaports, especially Antwerp and Rotterdam, can be reached quickly. Due to Schwelm's proximity to the industrial centres of the Ruhr area and the Cologne Bay, there is a long tradition of industrial manufacturing here. And this creates optimum conditions for developing, manufacturing and testing ship and shore loading equipment and its key components such as ROTAFLEX swivel joints, SVT safety disconnect couplings (STK/ERC), SVT connecting couplings (QCDC) and electro-hydraulic controls at SVT.
Company SVT GmbH. SVT is a manufacturer of loading equipment. The company builds equipment for loading and unloading ships, tankers and tank wagons with liquid and gaseous substances. The company was founded in 1968.
Whether Campari or yoghurt, bitumen or heavy heating oil: hardly any substance is foreign to the loading equipment of SVT GmbH.
SVT develops, produces and markets technically high-quality equipment for loading and unloading ships, tank trucks and tank wagons with liquid and gaseous substances.
SVT's particular strengths are in the loading of problematic goods. The Schwelm-based supplier's products withstand aggressive or viscous substances such as chlorine, liquid sulphur, ethylene, pitch or bitumen. The range of temperatures is also extreme, from -193° C to +300° C. Natural gas liquefied by cooling to -165° C, so-called LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), also belongs to the particularly cold substances.
Loading arms, ship loaders, land loaders, swivel joints, platforms, stairs and control systems
Shore loader

Verschiedene Schiffsverlader so wie Artic und Atlantic
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