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Our Tobias ( Tobi ) came to Refugio International when he was 6 months old. He was found on a finca with 2 other puppies.

My first walk

It was strange to smell so many strange smells.

Here I am at the Refugio, but I was very lucky that my current mistress works there. I looked at her with my beady eyes and I think she was smitten. When she went home she talked to my new owner and Laly took some photos of me. When my mistress came back to work the next day, she asked if she could take me with her for the weekend on a trial basis. When she was done with work, she took me out of the kennel and tied me to the leash. I was allowed to go with her. When we arrived at her home my master was there, I was so happy that I had to pill. But they didn't scold me, my mistress made it go away and everything was fine.

Playing makes you soooooooo tired.
On Monday, my mistress took me back to the Refugio. My master stood on the balcony with tears in his eyes and watched us. I got my 2nd vaccination and my mistress and master adopted me. I was allowed to go home again.
Now I've been living with Babs & Wolf for almost 1.5 years and I've really grown up. My birthday is on 5 July.
My mistress takes me to the dog park every week where I can play with lots of other dogs.
But when I'm on the balcony, I have to watch everything like a policeman.

So now I am almost 4 years old and I think I have become a handsome little guy. I am happy with my family. I also have many dog friends, as I go hiking with my mistress. There are friends of my mistress who also bring their dogs with them.

These are my friends, I must say. Kimba (German shepherd), Reina (Doberman) and Julie. So I'm the cock of the walk. But Kimba is my very special friend, we just get along without many words, my mistress would say now.

This was my very best friend Coco who unfortunately went over the Rainbow Bridge on 28.11.2022. I learned so much from Coco because he was much more experienced than me. I still miss him.
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